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Still Rose


Our dry French-style Lazy River Rosé is made with the finest Syrah grapes grown in a serene, family-owned vineyard in the Columbia Valley of Washington State.



Rosé Bubbles are fresh and lively with fragrant cherry blossom notes, and a bubbly palate of wild strawberries and honeydew.



Tidal Wines Chardonnay has delicate floral aromas that mingle with green apple and fresh pear scents. Unrestrained flavors of Meyer lemon zest and melon.


Whether you’re boating, floating, or soaking at home, our perfectly portable, crisp wines bring a delicious wave of fun to your day.


With roots in Texas, Washington and California, we proudly curate wine from some of the lushest appellations in the country.


With a number of charitable partners focused on clean water initiatives, we’re making wine that’s conscious of preserving our lakes and rivers while also supporting our local communities.

Crack open our perfectly portable wines for a delicious wave of fun!

The Tidal Wave

The History of Frosé & My Favorite Frosé Recipe

Did you know a wine slushy is different from frosé? I know what you’re thinking: you say tom-ay-toe, I say tom-ah-toe. But, really. There’s a subtle difference between the two. According to the blog, Let It Wine, “frosé requires these basic ingredients – a bottle of rosé, sugar, and lemon juice. A slushie requires these basic ingredients wine, fruit, sugar.”

Wine Slushy Recipe & Cocktail Syrup Lesson

I don’t know about you, but where I live there’s a few weeks every year where it’s unbearably hot. Which is why my girl Tieghan at Half Baked Harvest is a god-send for creating this delicious Peach Thmye Rosé Slushy.

Rosé BBQ Sauce Recipe & its History

The next time you want a to-die-for meal we highly suggest you try making Rosé BBQ Sauce.

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Tidal Wines are currently exclusively available in Texas.
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TURNING WINE INTO WATER with a portion of our profits, we support local initiatives to help keep our rivers, lakes and oceans clean for our local communities”