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The Syrah grapes for Tidal Wines Lazy River Rosé are grown in a family-owned vineyard in the Columbia Valley American Viticultural Area, located in south-central Washington.

Austin meets Washington meets France

Wine lover and adventure enthusiast, Evan Kiely, started Tidal Wines in 2018 with one simple purpose: to create a delicious wine that fits the Austin vibe. Fun. Approachable. Carefree. Charitable.

A deep love for French wine and a connection in Washington State led Evan to meet a talented French-style winemaking family in the Columbia Valley. The two teams developed a delicious French-style rosé, packaged in convenient 375ml cans, which is perfect for Austinites’ active lifestyles.

Lazy River Rosé is the first of many varietals to come from Evan’s vision. Crack open our perfectly portable, crisp wines for a delicious wave of fun while giving back to charity along the way.


Our Mission

TURNING WINE INTO WATER with a portion of our profits, we support the largest ocean clean-up in history and we help create access to clean drinking water for communities around the world.

By drinking Tidal, you also join this wave of good. We invite you to learn more about these organizations and to consider getting more involved yourself by subscribing to our newsletter to learn more.

Evan Kiely

Evan Kiely

Founder - FINANCE & Production

Evan comes from a family of scientists. His deep passion for understanding the science of wine started with his father, a wine-loving organic chemist with a knack for teaching. While he’s spent a decade in corporate finance, it’s always been Evan’s dream to create a wine of his own. Lazy River Rosé is the first of many varietals to come of high-quality wine, made with sustainability in mind. Because of Evan, Tidal Wines uses eco-friendly packaging and a portion of all proceeds go to creating clean drinking water and ocean, river and lake clean-ups, too. He is proud to call Austin home for him, his fiancée, Jess, and their two fur babies.
Jess Gore

Jess Gore

CO-FOUNDER - Sales & partnerships

As a Napa-native, Jess has grown up deeply embedded in the world of wine. As a sales leader for the largest entertainment company, Jess has had the opportunity to hone the art of nurturing client relationships. She brings 10 years of sales experience to Tidal Wines and a passion for creative partnerships.

In her personal life, she is a rosé connoisseur who especially appreciates the craft behind our favorite pink drink. She lives in Austin with her fiancé, Evan, and their two fur babies.

Caitlin Scarlett

Caitlin Scarlett


Caitlin has been in the beverage industry since 2011. She started as a “sample gal” at bars and festivals on the weekends, while working full time in entertainment and event marketing.

As a former Brand Ambassador for one of the oldest, and most iconic legacy breweries, she managed brand education and developed a love for the history of the beverage industry. She can often be found sharing one too many fun facts over a glass or two. She lives in the heart of wine country with her 3 cats, husband, and fridge full of Tidal.


The soils in this vineyard are perfect for growing Syrah, having been shaped by the Missoula Floods, a series of cataclysmic glacial lake outburst floods that swept down the Columbia River Gorge at the end of the last ice age. The result is soils made up of gritty, tightly packed grains of quartz, feldspar, mica, along with wind-blown deposits of sand and silt that are ideal for growing wine. Our vineyard in the Columbia Valley lies in the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountain range, which puts it in a continental climate with very little rainfall each year. We meticulously control the irrigation with water provided from natural snow-melt to use just the right amount, and just the right times in the vines’ lifecycle to ensure perfect grapes at harvest. It’s a tough job, but luckily there’s a great reward: really delicious, rosé.

Where to Find Us

Tidal Wine’s Lazy River Rosé can be found at retailers, restaurants and bars across Texas. Don’t live here? We also have an online store where you can buy direct, too.
Find your delicious wave of fun here: